Doctoral Dissertation Videos for Students at a Distance

While the preference is to have students film their dissertation video on campus in the Quentin Burdick Building, we recognize that some doctoral students may leave NDSU prior to finishing the degree requirements and will need an alternative way to film their video. If you plan to return to campus prior to completing your degree (e.g., for your final examination), please follow the instructions on how to schedule a filming appointment. Otherwise there are two other options for filming your video.

1. Preferred Option:
  • Use a video camera that records in a digital format (MP4 or MOV preferred) to record your video. Use a solid color background free of any/all extraneous objects (e.g., hang a solid color sheet or blanket up behind you or film in front of a wall).
  • Ask someone to sit across from you while you speak. When we record in the studio, you are sitting across from a person who is listening to you talk about your research. You might want to replicate that when you film your video (if possible, have the camera on a tripod or table rather than having a friend hold it; this will keep the image stable).
  • Confirm your final product is around 3 minutes and that the audio is clear.
  • Save the video in Onedrive and share it with Stephen Beckermann, who will edit it by adding a title slide and ending slide, as well as adding your graphic if you choose to have one. OneDrive is accessed through your online NDSU webmail login. Direct any questions regarding OneDrive, or the sharing of your video file, to
2. Alternative Option:
  • You can arrange a Skype session with Stephen Beckermann so that we could record your video that way. The major disadvantage of this option is that the picture and sound quality is completely dependent on your webcam quality and angle. Your video background should be a solid color as free from distracting elements (furniture, windows and other extraneous objects) as possible.

All other aspects of filming your video should follow the Doctoral Dissertation Video instructions, including sending the Dissertation Video Prescheduling and the Release Form to

Preparatory Workshop

A recording of the required preparatory workshop may be found here:

Please watch this workshop in its entirety to help you understand the format and structure of the video. Leave enough time between watching the workshop and filming the video to allow you to practice with friends and family members.