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Advice from Grad Leaders

  • Be proactive in all things related to your graduate education. 
  • Every department has a student organization, and graduate students are eligible to join. 
  • Take full advantage of your time as a student. You will never again have the opportunity to study your chosen discipline in such a focused manner with leading scholars in the field.  There are many wonderful and important opportunities to get involved outside the classroom at NDSU, but I would encourage you to think of yourself as a student first.   
  • Safety and academic honesty are critically important; be sure to be trained and educated in these areas. 
  • Full time graduate work is not merely a continuation of your undergraduate education; it requires far more commitment to learning, and must command virtually all of your non-family focus. 
  • Get to know your program’s faculty as soon as you can.  Use them as a resource to address concerns and questions you might have.   
  • Come to class as often as you can.  Come on time.  Much happens in class that you need to know. 
  • Graduate education values honesty and research integrity and consequences of not abiding by these values are severe and will negatively impact your career. 
  • Be a good person; respect your professors, staff, colleagues and other people you interact with.  Creating a good vibe and environment around you will help you and others do well in graduate studies and research. 
  • As a high school student, you were at the top of your class.  As an undergraduate you were at the top of your class.  In graduate school, everyone was at the top of their undergraduate class.  You must work hard to distinguish yourself from other students.   
  • This is basic, but so very important.  Get your NDSU email account and be sure to read messages so as to not miss key announcements.  Make sure you know how to register for courses and monitor your situation through Bison Connection.   
  • Familiarize yourself with the Graduate School policies, deadlines, and rules regarding disquisitions and examinations.  This is an easy way to avoid headaches and bad surprises at the end of your graduate school journey.   
  • Choose your committee members wisely and with intention; a strong committee will ultimately result in a better disquisition.

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