Request a Teaching Waiver

Graduate teaching waivers may be granted to individuals who do not meet the requirements for either full or associate graduate faculty status. Teaching waivers only allow students to serve as the instructor of record for 600- and 700-level courses and carry none of the other privileges of graduate faculty status. Waivers may be granted to qualified individuals who are not students in the department for which the waiver is sought.

The burden of proof lies with the applying graduate program to show that the nominee holds qualifications that merit the granting of a graduate teaching waiver. A Graduate Teaching Waiver Request form must be completed with a current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae and any other pertinent documentation attached.

Graduate teaching waivers are approved by the Graduate Council and the Dean of the Graduate School. Waivers are granted for one academic year and may be renewed twice at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School.