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Use of Copyrighted Material

You are responsible for appropriate use and attribution of copyrighted materials in your disquisition.

See this Guide for more information.

This guide is based on Copyright Information for Dissertation Authors from ProQuest and Kenneth D. Crews, available at

Respecting the Copyright of Others

Reproducing in its entirety the copyrighted material produced by another without express written permission may be a violation of copyright law. In such cases, you must request written permission from the copyright holder.

If written permission to use copyrighted material is required, you are responsible for obtaining such permission. You can usually get permission by sending a letter of request to the copyright holder. Normally, your letter will be returned with an approval stamp or signature. Please note that some copyright holders require a specific form of acknowledgment or attribution within the document in which copyrighted material is used.

Copyright and Your Previously Published Work

If you include your previously published work as part of your disquisition, you need to ensure that the publisher who published your work has not placed restrictions on your right to reproduce or redistribute this work. Check with the publisher in question to obtain any copyright permission required.

Protecting Your Own Copyright

While you are not required to register for copyright, in some cases it is recommended.

If you received a stipend, salary, or financial support from NDSU, there may be restrictions on your ability to file for copyright for your disquisition.

See NDSU Policy Manual Section 190 for more information.

Additionally, funding from sources outside of NDSU may carry restrictions on your ability to file for copyright for your disquisition. Check with the source that provided funding to you for more information.

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