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The chapters contain the main content of your disquisition.

You are not required to use the label “Chapter” in the title of each chapter. However, each chapter must begin with a major heading and appear at the top of a new page.

You are not required to number each chapter, unless you use numbered headings. For more information about numbered headings, see Headings.

Tables, figures, schemes, and non-text items should be integrated into the text of your disquisition. For more information, see Tables, Figures, Schemes, etc.

  • Content – The content of each chapter must follow the <//span>Paragraph<//span> <//span>requirements that apply to all sections of the disquisition.<//span>
  • Font and Margins – The font must be the same size and type as the rest of your disquisition. The margins must also be the same size as the rest of your disquisition.
  • Headings – Only the title of each chapter can appear as a major heading (centered, written in ALL CAPS, appears at the top of a new page). You may not have more than one heading level formatted as a major heading.
  • If each chapter is an individual paper, study, or experiment, only the title of the paper or study can appear as a major heading (such as “PAPER 1. THE EFFECT OF RAINFALL ON SUGARBEET PRODUCTION”). The section headings within the paper (such as “Abstract”, “Introduction”, “Literature Review” and so on) must appear as subheadings under the major title heading.
  • Naming – You are not required to use “Chapter” in the name of each chapter.  If you use individual papers, studies, or experiments for each chapter, then you can name the chapters “Paper 1”, “Study 1”, “Experiment 1”, and so on. However, the naming must be consistent for all chapters of such content.
  • Numbering – If you use numbered headings, then the heading number must precede the chapter title (such as “1. INTRODUCTION”).
  • If you choose not to use numbered headings, but still want to use numbers in the chapter titles, then you must integrate them into the chapter title (such as “CHAPTER ONE. INTRODUCTION” or “CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION”). If you use a number in a chapter title, either written or numeric, you must use a period after the chapter number.
  • Page numbers – Page numbers must be consistent with the rest of the disquisition. This is considered the body of your disquisition, and must use Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, and so on).
  • The first page of your first chapter must be numbered as page 1.

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