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GraSUS-II Project Evaluation
  1. Internal
    • GraSUS Teams (Fellows and Teachers)
      • Regularly assess the effectiveness of project activities by formal and informal methods. Pretests and posttests are administered in conjunction with at least two activities per year to measure results. Additionally, teams study results of standardized test scores to identify content areas where improvement is needed.
    • Project Leadership
      • Conduct regular evaluations of project activities. Seminar Evaluations are given to participants to provide information on how participants value various seminar activities. This is used to modify Seminar format.
      • Year end surveys are also administered to students in GraSUS classrooms, Fellows and Teachers. This information is provided to the external evaluator to assist in monitoring progress towards project goals.
      • Teacher-fellow teams submit biweekly or monthly progress reports, which are also used to monitor the progress of team activities.
  2. External
    • NSF Project Evaluator
      • Dr. Debra Tomanek is the External Evaluator of the project. Dr. Tomanek conducts visits on an annual or biannual basis, and prepares the formative evaluation report to provide the GraSUS-II project leaders with feedback on the progress toward project goals each year of the five-year project.
      • Formative evaluation reports are prepared in two sections. The first section includes all tables created from the evaluation data sources. The second section is a narrative that summarizes the findings of the formative evaluation analysis and a set of recommendations. Formative evaluation is based upon analysis of the following data: (1) survey and questionnaire data collected from teachers, students, and fellows, (2) summaries of written evaluations of the Summer Academies, (3) notes from several interviews and focus group sessions from the project site visits by the external evaluator, (4) samples of classroom activities/lessons created by the fellows, and (5) documentation of NDSU faculty interactions with the project.
      • Dr. Debra Tomanek will also prepare the final evaluation report upon the expiration of the project by June 2009.
    • Evaluation Reports


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