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The mission of the NDSU GraSUS program is to enhance awareness, interest, and learning among Grades 6-12 students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The collaborative efforts of NDSU faculty, graduate and undergraduate fellows, and area math and science teachers will encourage future collegians to explore a post–secondary education in STEM studies.


Utilizing and expanding the partnerships of area employers and the surrounding community, the NDSU GraSUS program will be institutionalized and sustainable by the year 2010.  We will continue to employ up to nine fellows, collaborate with 12-15 secondary teachers per semester, develop 45- 50 lessons/labs/presentations and impact approximately 2,000 students annually.

GraSUS Goals

  • To enrich learning by science and mathematics students in Grades 6-12.
  • To improve communication and teaching skills of GraSUS fellows
  • To provide professional development opportunities for middle and high school teachers
  • To strengthen partnerships between NDSU and school districts
  • To document project outcomes and inform others of the potential impact of GraSUS activities
  • To incorporate GraSUS-II activities as an integral part of NDSU’s STEM graduate programs

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