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Board of Visitors Scholarship:


The Board of Visitors established an undergraduate scholarship endowment with the first award Fall 2004. The award is presented to a student enrolled in the College of Human Development and Education, junior or senior, demonstrated financial need and has a minimum CGPA of 3.0.  Selection is done through an interview process with the Scholarship Committee of the Board. A $1250 award was given for 2014-2015 to Tiffany Motis, a dietetics major from Moorhead, MN.  A graduate scholarship was established with the first award Fall 2008. The recipient is chosen after candidates present their research at the annual Board meeting. A $3000 award was given for 2014-2015 to Jill Keith, a doctoral student in Education from Barnesville, MN.




Bison Bidders Bowl


The Board of Visitor's current and ongoing project successes include support for academic excellence in the form of an annual donation for auction at the Bison Bidders Bowl.  The NDSU Development Foundation's fund raising auction was held October 11, 2014.

The Board of Visitor's donation was: Bronzed Bison Lamp Post. The bison aluminum lamp post is a throwback to lamp posts from days gone by. With a bronzed finish, this outdoor post is 7' tall and reaches 10' 8" total when fully assembled. The base of the post is square with raised Bison on each side. The top section has three sculptured Bison with individual lighted globes under each Bison. The post is topped with a fourth lighted globe in the center.  

Value: $1550  Bid: $3000

Event Day: Voices from the Real World


The Board of Visitors was created to assist the College of Human Development and Education to expand enrollment in the College, to enhance opportunities for career success, to promote ongoing relationships within the College and to support Human Development and Education financially. To fulfill portions of this mission statement, the members of the College of Human Development and Education Board of Visitors sponsor and present a day in the classroom at NDSU. The Board members present in several classes and either speak on their practical experience and/or a topic that is relevant to the class. The Board also offers their time in meeting with faculty to discuss changes in the professional markets and thoughts on curriculum to support these changes. This year "Voices from the Real World" will be held on Monday, February 23, 2015.

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