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Hanson Karch, Lisa Irene; Ph.D.
Program of Human Development- Counselor Education;  
College of Human Development and Education; North Dakota State University
April 2010

Minnesota School Principals’ Perceptions of Minnesota School Counselors’ Role and Functions        

Major Professor: Dr. Brenda Hall


The purpose of the concurrent mixed methods study was to explore Minnesota principals’ perceptive responses regarding the role and functions of Minnesota school counselors.  A convenience sample of K-12 school principals was used for this study.  Participant criteria was that each individual be a school principal in the state of Minnesota.  School principals’ work e-mail addresses were collected via their schools’ websites to create a database of participants for this study.  For the 2010 Minnesota Principals’ web-based survey, 128 questions were developed by modifying the 2002 Florida Principals’ Survey, which was constructed by changing the Florida School Counselors’ Survey 2000, and adapted by the 1994 Texas Education Agency (1996) survey for Florida (Baggerly, 2002 Zalaquett, 2005).  There were three parts to the survey.  The first part being demographics, the second part asked for the principals’ knowledge of school counselors’ duties by indicating the actual time versus ideal time spent on nineteen job responsibilities, while the third part consisted of three open-ended questions regarding principals’ perceptions of the school counselor.  Responses form 203 school principals revealed that counselors were perceived as having a positive impact on the social, emotional, and academic development of their students.  Limitations of this study, recommendations for future research, and implications for school principals, school counselors, counselor educators and educational leadership educators will be discussed.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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