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 Siggerud, Michael Andrew; Ph.D.
Program of Education;
College of Human Development and Education; North Dakota State University
November 2009


The Role of Recruiters in a Time of Fewer Applications for Public School Superintendencys in Minnesota    

Major Professor: Dr. Ronald Stammen


This study identified and analyzed how those responsible for filling vacant superintendencys identify and recruit applicants for the position of school superintendent in Minnesota, notwithstanding the factors that lead to the diminished pool of potential candidates.


The study affirmed the shortage of superintendent applicants in Minnesota, established the reasons for the shortage as perceived by recruiters, and researched the techniques and strategies employed by these recruiters to compensate for the unwillingness of qualified candidates to apply.


The study established that recruiters rely heavily upon their network of contacts within the education leadership establishment to identify potential applicants, and attempt to match the characteristics and personality of a potential applicant with the unique requirements of the vacant position.


In addition to brochures or other advertising techniques to publicize an opening, consultants use active recruiting techniques such as cold calling, face-to-face meetings, or other personal contact to encourage potential applicants who have been identified as high potential by their associates or peers to consider the possibility of submitting an application.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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