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Donohue Stetz, Mary; Ph.D.
Program of Education;
College of Human Development and Education; North Dakota State University
February 2009

Parental Choice in Non-Traditional Public Schools

Major Professor: Dr. Ronald Stammen

The purpose of this mixed methods tudy is to ascertainhow and wy parentsslesect an alternative public educatoinal setting for secondry studnets int he stae tof Minnesota - a state with school choice opetioants. Three research questions address this purpsoe, including why parents do not send their childrne to the local pulic high school, why parents lsect an alternatie public eduationl settingfo rhtei rhigh-schol-aged childrne,a nd hwo various forms of communicationinfluence the deicison-making process fo parents in elseint gan alternative public eduational settingfo rht eir high school-agf chilfdren.

A data collection method used to conduct this study enrtailed quantiatibe questions followed byqualitiqtve questions followed by qualitative survey questions to validate and strngrhten responses reagirdng why apretns choose alternative forms of public education over local public heigh shcools. Most of hte questions were quanitqative in nature iwth qualitiative qusitons used tomore fully underand and triangulate the quanitaitve responses. A target population of 900 parents with students 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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