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Daigle, Rachel Rose Reis; Ph.D.
Program of Education
College of Human Development and Education; North Dakota State University
July 2010

Person-Centered Academicians' Perceptions of Intuition in Counselor and Psychotherapist Education and Practice

Major Professor: Dr. J. Wade Hannon


The overall endeavor of this qualitative study was to advance awareness about the construct of intuition and its function in the education, training, and practice of counseling and therapy through rigorous exploration and examination, utilizing the conceptual framework of the Heuristic Research Method. An exploratory study was conducted to observe the phenomenological experiences of Person-Centered Academicians' perceptions of intuition in counseling, psychotherapy, and pedagogy. Six semi-structured, audio-recorded interviews were conducted to increase comprehensive insight into the co-researchers' experience and to acquire further understanding about intuition within the professions of counseling and psychotherapy. The five major themes which emerged are (a) conceptualizing intuition, (b) understanding the process of intuition, (c) intuitive occurrences in the therapeutic setting, (d) fostering intuition in counseling/psychotherapist education, and (e) and tenets of Person-Centered theory relating to intuition. Recommendations for further research were discussed.


Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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