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Undergraduate Student Posters

Reliability of Measuring Heart Rate Variability Using a Polar Bluetooth Monitor and Kubios Analysis Software by L.E. McIntosh, T.W. Bennett, D.M. Streeter, K.A. Stone, J.W. Grier and K.J. Hackney, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Determination of Flaxseed and its Health Promoting Compounds Role in Nuclear Factor-kB and its inhibitor gene expression by Ashton Wiltgen, Michael Mann, Kelsie Silvernagel and Yeong Rhee, HNES

Intra-Reliability of ImageJ Processing of Ultrasound-Derived Cross-Sectional Area: Upper Leg Subcutaneous Fat by Gabrielle Hartze, Christopher Kotarsky, Regina Schimek, Kyle Hackney and Sherri Stastny, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Biomechanical Analysis of Hip Angles During a Back Squat with and Without Kinesio Tape by Janell Burkart, Tammy Joe, Katie Lyman, Bryan Christensen, Kyle Hackney, Kara Stone and Joshua Brodersen, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Use of Compression Garments for Recovery from Plyometric Exercise by Tylor Bennett, Jennifer Talaski, Kara Stone, Allison Barry, Kyle Hackney, Donna Terbizan, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Intake of Preschoolers by Morgan Stewart, Brittany Twiss, Madelyn Pennings and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Nutrition of American Gold Competition Gymnasts by Emma Schalow Sallie Yakowicz, Sara Supplee, Connie Schmit and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Consumption of Breakfast in the Living on Your Own Class at Sheyenne High School by Taylor Anderson, Alyssa Athman, Rosalie Grant, Madison, Mashek and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Nutrition Affects on Athlete Performance by Alexandra Sherrard, Regina Schimek, Katie Pavlicek, Bailey Plutowski, and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Protein Intake Among NDSU Bison Dance Team by Alexis Allen, Ali VandenBerghe, Morgan Cote, Jessica Corcoran, and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Health of Sheyenne High School Female Cross Country Runners by Moriah Anderson, Gabrielle Hartze, Keiley Sampson and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

NDSU Wrestling Team and a Balanced Diet by Breann Hogie, Daeshaundra Wadsworth, Kelli Tobin and Ardith Brunt, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Interior Design: Restoration for the Athlete's Mental and Physical Performance by Caitlin Harp, Sheyenne Weber and Kelly Weir, Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management

Gender Inequality and the Built Environment: Understanding and Developing a Comprehensive Solution by Michelle Lynch and Alexis Maucort, Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management

Graduate Student Posters

Connecting in the Classroom: Factors Associated with Student Perceptions of Graduate Teaching Immediacy by Emily Bublitz, Carrie Anne Platt, Catherine Kingsley Westerman

Is it Fair to Blame Barbie? Exposure to Barbie during Childhood as a Predictor of Adult Women's Disordered Eating by Maegan Jones, Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia and Bradi Carlson, Human Development and Family Science

The combined effect of maternal and paternal control on adolescent girls' drive for thinness by Maegan Jones and Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia, Human Development and Family Science

Links Between Parent Support and Career Development in a Summer Youth Work-Training Program: Moderating Effect of Grit by Jennifer Wenner and Brandy Randall

Strong Relationships as Predictors of Effective Peer Education for At-Risk Adolescents by Vimbai Chinopfukutwa, Dr. Brandy Randall and Dr. Molly Secor-Turner

Parent Demographics in Nurturing Parenting: Implications for Programming by Geoffrey J. Zehnacker, Sean Brotherson and B. Kranzler, Human Development and Family Science

Concurrent and Long-Term Stress-Buffering Effects of Social Integration in Later Life by Masahiro Toyama and Heather Fuller, Human Development and Family Science

The Acute Effects of L-arginine Supplementation on Flow-mediated Dilation after Resistance Training to Fatigue by D.M. Streeter, K.A. Stone, T.W. Bennett, L.E. McIntosh, S.N. Stastny, D.L. Ewert and K.J. Hackney

Muscular Health with Aging: Differences in Quadriceps Size, Strength, and Quality Between Sedentary and Active Adults by Kara Stone, Christopher Kotarsky, Daniel Streeter, Nathan Dicks, Shannon David, Steven Mitchell and Kyle Hackney, HNES

Influence of Protein Intake at Three Different Time Periods on Leg Muscle Strength and Area by C.J. Kotarsky, K.A. Stone, D.M. Streeter, J.F. Keith, S.N. Stastny, S. David, S. Mitchell & K.J. Hackney

Intra-Rater Reliability and Measurement of MRI-Functional Cross-Sectional Area in Healthy Sedentary Individuals by Nathan Dicks, Kara Stone, Christopher Kotarsky, Daniel Streeter, Steven Mitchell & Kyle Hackney, HNES

Gender and Time Comparisons of Hip Muscle Activation in Recreational Runners by Melissa Theige, Rebekah Rye, Katie Lyman, Bryan Christensen and Thomas Hanson, HNES

Do Health Promoting Compounds of Flaxseed Attenuate Weight Gain Via Regulation of Inflammation? by Michael Mann, Ashton Wiltgen, Kelsie Silvernagel, Yeong Rhee, HNES

Simultaneous Bilateral Femoral Stress Reactions in a Healthy Adolescent Female Runner by Erin Krogh, Nicole German, Robyn Knutson Bueling, and Kathleen Woken

Gender Differences in Lower Extremity Kinematics Throughout Various Stages of a 5K Run by R.J. Rye, K.J. Layman, B. Christensen, A. Marx and T.A. Hanson

Conservative Treatment of Bilateral Capitellar Osteochondritis Dissecans in a Female Adolescent Gymnast by Taylor Jorgensen and Nicole German

A Case of Morel Lavallee' Lesion of the Lower Leg: A Case Report by Erin Macaronas, Shannon David and Nicole German

The Effects of Kinesio Tape Application on Intramuscular Tissue Temperature Change During a 20-Minute Cryotherapy Application by Michael McCrone, Katie Lyman, Kara Gange, Jay Albrecht, Michael Kjellerson, & Thomas Hanson

Psychometric Evaluation of the Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire for Musicians and the Musculoskeletal Pain Intensity and Interference Questionnaire for Musicians by Brian Schmidt, Shannon David, Kara Gange and Robert Groves

Avulsed Upper Trapezius from Distal Clavicle in a Collegiate Football Player by Kallie Schmit and Nicole German

Surface Electromyography Analysis of Bilateral Paraspinal Muscles and Quadriceps with Kinesio Tape Application by Joshua Brodersen, Katie Lyman, Bryan Christensen, Kyle Hackney, Kara Stone & Thomas Hanson

The Effects of Kinesio Tape on Forward Shoulder Posture as Observed and Quantified by Diagnostic Ultrasound by T.A. Ashcraft, K.J. Lyman, K.N. Gange, J. Albrecht & T.A. Hanson

Comparison of Psychomotor CPR Compressions Between Students Enrolled in Allied Health Care and non-Allied Health Care Curricula by Kassiann Landin and Katie Lyman

Vestibular Ocular Assessment in the Concussed Athlete by Jordan Sperle and Nicole German

Cervical Rib Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in a Collegiate Softball Player by Jordan Wolf and Nicole German

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