2016 Cohort

2016 Cohort

Vimbayi Chinopfukutwa

Research Interests:  My research interests include positive and problem behaviors in adolescents’ development and ways of enriching their lives.

Email: Vimbayi Chinopfukutwa

"The NDSU developmental Science Ph.D.  program is closely knit which allows students to work together and help each other advance in their careers in the process."

DS faculty advisor: Dr. Joel Hektner

Franchesca Cortez

My research interests include: Aging, lifespan development, cognitive aging, physical aging, as well as Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living as precursors to health and well being outcomes in late life

DS faculty advisor:Dr. Melissa O'Connor

Masahiro Toyama

Research Interests: Adult development, aging, well-being, and psychosocial and cultural factors affecting aging and well-being

"I was excited when I found that the Development Science program at NDSU perfectly matched what I expected. The curriculum of this program covers human development across the lifespan and also includes teaching training "

DS faculty advisor:Dr. Heather Fuller

Savanna Jellison

Research Interests: I am interested in picky eating and food preferences, babysign, infant programs.

Email:Savanna Jellison

What fuels your love of learning?
I am a strong believer in the idea that you learn something new everyday. Infant Development is a fast paced area there is never a slow day.

DS faculty advisor: Dr. Rebecca Woods

Meghan Yerhot

Research Interests: My research interests involve identity development, academic self-concept, and growth mindset. More specifically, I am interested in the influence SES has on developmental outcomes related to student success in higher education. In addition, I strive to understand student success for low income and first generation students and how developmental trajectories influence their experience once enrolled in the university setting.

Email:Meghan Yerhot

"I hope to gain a wide variety of experience through the faculty’s diverse research areas."

DS faculty advisor:Dr. Jim Deal

Geoffrey Zehnacker

Research Interests: Family relationships, Father involvement, Extension services, Program development, Program evaluation

Email: Geoffrey Zehnacker

The green, it is my favorite color. And this is one of the few Human development programs that look at development not from a single discipline but holistically.

DS faculty advisor:Dr. Sean Brotherson

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