2017 Cohort
2017 Cohort
Emma Johnson

My research interests are: Body image and eating disorders within family systems. Specifically, sibling influences on the development of body dissatisfaction, and trends of the 'ideal' female body.

Email: emma.l.johnson@ndsu.edu

DS faculty advisor:Dr. Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia

Jonix Owino

My research interests are:  Integration of new american families/ refugees, Migration, Social Isolation and cultural dynamics as well as Immigration processes.


DS faculty advisor:Dr. Heather Fuller and Dr. Brandy Randall

Shawn Carlson

My research interests include socioemotional development in children, child maltreatment, developmental psychopathology, school-based interventions and the school to prison pipeline.


DS faculty advisor: Dr. Joel Hektner

Shea Lammers

My research interests include: infant-parent relationships, as well as multisensory development, including synaesthasia.


DS faculty advisor: Dr. Rebecca Woods

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