2018 Cohort
2018 Cohort
Kerrie Leonard

My research interests are: Body image and self-esteem and how that intersects with multiracial identities of adolescents.

Email: kerrie.leonard@ndsu.edu

DS faculty advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia

Rachel Grace

My research interests are: Currently, I am exploring successful aging across the lifespan. Other areas of interest include: longevity, wellness, yoga, and lifestyles that support health and happiness across every part of development.


DS faculty advisor:Dr. Jim Deal 

Antonia Curtis

My research interests include:maternal incarceration and its effects on mothers, children, and extended families, and evidence-based practice and policy to mitigate these effects. I have also conducted research on attitudes and views surrounding sexual assault, specifically looking at beliefs in rape myths.


DS faculty advisor: Dr. Joel Hektner

Philip Estepp

My research interests include:Psychological well-being in rural and farm communities, masculinity and mental health, and healthy aging across the life-span. 


DS Faculty Advisor:Dr. Sean Brotherson 

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