Family Therapy Center
Family Therapy Center - closed in 2017

NDSU Family Therapy Center

The Family Therapy Center closed in 2017.

If you are a former client, you have the right to continue to have access to your clinical records. All clinical records will continue to be stored in a confidential manner at the Family Therapy Center and maintained according to legal and ethical standards. If you need to access your clinical records for any reason please call Maggie at 701-231-8268. If there is any change in how to access your clinical records you will be notified in writing through the United States Postal Service.

These are some resources in our community if you need therapy services now 

FirstLink. 701-235-7335

NDSU Community Counseling. 701-231-9750

Village Family Service Center, Fargo. 701-451-4900

Village Family Service Center, Moorhead. 701-451-4811

Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. 701-293-7273

Lakeland Mental Health. 218-233-7524

LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance Webpage

If you have any questions or concerns please call:
Maggie Heinle at 701-231-8268
Dr. Joel Hektner, HDFS Department Head, at 701-231-8269

Mailing Address:
Family Therapy Center
NDSU Dept 2615
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050

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