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Pre-Marital and Pre-Commitment Therapy at the FTC

Even the happiest relationships will face challenges, and Pre-Marital and Pre-Commitment work at the FTC will help a couple strengthen their relationship, and prepare for a lifetime partnership.  *And our services qualify couples for the reduced marriage license fee in MN! 

What is discussed
Your therapist helps you and your partner identify your strengths... and possible challenges. You will discuss what brings you together and how to work through differences to prepare for a life together.  Topics that are often discussed: money, family, sex, children, roles in partnership, & communication.

How many sessions
Couples typically attend 6-12 sessions, with the option of continuing services if the couple wants to address additional topics.  (*12 hours required to receive reduced MN license fee). 

As with all of our services, fees are based on an affordable sliding fee scale, and NDSU students are free. 

Who can attend
Any couple!  We offer supportive and affirming services to LGBT couples, heterosexual couples, and couples at all stages of life who want to make their relationship even stronger as they prepare for a lifetime commitment.

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