Join the LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance

The Fargo Moorhead LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance

We are an alliance of therapists and counselors who have made the commitment to be LGBT affirmative in our work, and allys and advocates in our lives. 

As a member of the Alliance, your commit includes:
1.  Having my name and contact information listed on the Alliance website indicating that I am an LGBT affirmative therapist/counselor.
2.  Providing a safe and affirming space for my LGBT clients.
3.  Being an LGBT ally in my work/agency setting by encouraging others to be more welcoming and affirming of LGBT clients.
4.  Advocating for LGBT rights in my local community by participating in events that are sponsored by the LGBT community.
5.  Exploring my own beliefs and biases related to sexual orientation and gender identity.
6.  Continuing to seek educational and training opportunities to improve my skills and abilities to provide competent therapy services to the LGBT community.

Join the Alliance

To join the Fargo Moorhead LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance call 701-231-7335.


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