LGBT Affirmative Therapy Tips

Joining the LGBT Mental Health Alliance and making the commitment to be an affirmative therapist is a great start!  Expand upon that commitment by continuing to learn new skills, and by taking action in your practice and in your community.

Tip 1 - Participate.

Our community offers many ways to participate and demonstrate your commitment.

1.  Pride Collective and Community Center is a great place to get information, learn about upcoming events, and get involved in fantastic groups for LGBT individuals, their families, and allies.

2.  FM Pride.  Every year there are events for everyone - including Pride in the Park where you can have a booth, the Pride Parade where you can march with the LGBTmha, the 5k run/walk, and more.

3.  Join the LGBT Mental Health Alliance.  Make the commitment to be an affirmative therapist and be on our list so that clients can find you.

Tip 2 - Advocate.

Find ways to speak up and speak out - with individuals and government.

1.  Have open, and respectful, conversations with family, friends, and strangers.

2.  Write to your representatives to encourage positive change.

3.  Write to your local news papers to encourage positive change.  Speak out against inequality, negative policies, or bad behavior.  Give praise and encouragement to events and actions that are affirmative and positive. 

Tip 3 - Create an Affirming Office Environment.

Small changes to your waiting room and print materials can demonstrate your commitment to being an LGBT affirmative therapist and make all people feel safe and welcome.

1.  Display flyers and brochures about area LGBT groups and activities in your waiting area and office.  Put links on your website.  Examples are:  Pride Collective, We are Family (a program for LGBTQ youth, adults, and their families), Kaleidoscope (LGBTQ youth support group), FM Pride.

2.  Create signage and images to indicate you are an LGBT Affirmative therapist in your waiting area, your office space, your windows, your webpages... use you imagaination!

3.  Add information in your email signature indicating you are LGBT affirmative.

Tip 4 - Educate Yourself.

Train.  Read.  Discuss.  Share.

More information about LGBT affirmative therapy and practice tips

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