Developmental Science Program Faculty
Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia

Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame)
Office Phone: 701- 231-7099
Email: Elizabeth.salafia@ndsu.edu

Core Area: Adolescent Development
Research Interests: Family and peer influences on adolescents disordered eating attitudes and behaviors
Developmental Science Program
Healthy Eating and Body Image Lab

Sean Brotherson
Sean Brotherson (Ph.D., Oregon State University)
Extension Family Science Specialist, Professor
Office Phone: 701-231-6143
Email: sean.brotherson@ndsu.edu

Core Area: Family Science
Research Interests: Parenting and fatherhood; Health marriages; Family stress; Rural families; Grief and bereavement; Family life education; Family policy
Developmental Science Program
Jim Deal

James E. Deal (Ph.D., University of Georgia)
Office Phone: 701-231-7568
Email: jim.deal@ndsu.edu

Core Area: Child Development
Research Interests: Personality development in children; Relationship between individual development and family relationships
Developmental Science Program

Heather Fuller
Heather Fuller (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 701-231-5621

Core Area: Adult Development and Aging
Research Interests: Social relationships across the lifespan (e.g. intergenerational relationships); Psychological well-being in old age; Culture and Aging; Migration, transnationalism and acculturation; Biculturalism
Developmental Science Program
Linked Lives Research Lab
Joel Hektner, Head
Joel Hektner (Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Office Phone: 701-231-8269
Email: joel.hektner@ndsu.edu

Core Area:
 Child, Adolescent Development
Research Interests:

Design and effectiveness of programs to prevent adjustment problems and promote well-being in children and adolescents; Peer affiliation patterns and peer influences on children's behaviors; Family and school conditions that facilitate optimal experiences (flow) and optimal development; The Experience Sampling Method

Developmental Science Program
Melissa O'Connor

Melissa Lunsman O'Connor (Ph.D., University of South Florida)
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 701-231-8268

Core Area: Adult Development and Aging
Research Interests: Examining age-related differences and changes in cognitive and functional abilities, such as driving, among healthy adults and clinical populations; quantitative methods and psychometrics; interventions for improving cognition, health, and everyday functioning; and attitudes toward dementia.
Developmental Science Program
Healthy Aging Lab

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