2019 College of HD&E Celebration of Excellence award winners from HDFS Department

Congratulations to all

  •  Meagan Scott won the award for Exceptional Contributions as an Emerging Researcher.
  •  Brandy Randall won the award for Exceptional Contributions to Service/Outreach.
  •  Theresa Anderson won the award for Staff Distinguished Achievement.
  •  Beth Blodgett Salafia won the James Lebedeff Endowed Professorship Award.
  •  HDFS Department won the Human Development and Education Annual Unit Award for Grant Excellence.
Dena Wyum Recipient Odney Excellence in Teaching Award

Dena Wyum has been named this year’s recipient of the Odney Excellence in Teaching Award. This is a university-level award stemming from student nominations; no one from HDFS has won it since 1990.  

Congratulations, Dena! We are proud to have you in our department. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to excellence in teaching.  

Dena will receive her award at the Celebration of Faculty Excellence on May 9, 2019.


Meghan Yerhot wins 2019 Gunkelman Award

Meghan Yerhot, a graduate student in developmental science, has been recognized with the 2019 Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award. She was honored during a ceremony May 3 at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center.

Yerhot is a graduate assistant in TRIO programs.

The annual award recognizes the person who creates an atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment for NDSU students. 

One letter of nomination said, “The nominee is a walking smile. To provide an example of how much light this person brings to campus, she recently re-worked the lyrics to a very popular song among undergraduates, sung by Drake. The new lyrics on their TRIO door, with photos of Drake pointing at the camera read, ‘Students, are you reading? Are you writing? Are you down with knowledge? Cause I want ya, and I need ya... to succeed in college.’  

Another nominator wrote, “The nominee is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and she is relentless in her efforts to ensure the happiness and success of others around them. She is a third-year doctoral student here at NDSU and works in the NDSU TRIO program providing advising to undergraduate students. Each year the program hosts an interview day for perspective students. The nominee plays a huge role in not only organizing the day, but also in making sure that our interviewees feel welcome.”

“The nominee brings joy to everyone around her,” wrote a third nominator. “In class she is not only bright and inquisitive, but she has a deep ability to understand and help her peers. She brings out the best in any student, encouraging them to share their perspective and providing a listening ear and compassionate smile. The nominee is always there to cheer the loudest for her peers, whether it’s in victory or as a pick-me-up.” 

Yerhot said she was touched by the nominations. "It means so much to me," she said of the award. "I care a lot about the students."

A total of 80 employees and students were nominated this year. 

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