Joel Hektner, Head

Joel Hektner, (Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Professor and Head
Office Phone: 701-231-8269

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Core Area: Child, Adolescent Development
Research Interests: Design and effectiveness of programs to prevent adjustment problems and promote well-being in children and adolescents; Peer affiliation patterns and peer influences on children's behaviors; Family and school conditions that facilitate optimal experiences (flow) and optimal development; The Experience Sampling Method
Developmental Science Program

Current Projects

-Statewide Evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers in North Dakota

We are collecting and analyzing data on the quality of these after school programs that serve children from kindergarten to fifth grade. We use the CLASS observation tool to observe staff-child interactions, as well as surveys of parents, teachers, children and community partners.

 -Evaluation of Early Risers Skills for Success
We continue to analyze experimental evidence on the effectiveness of an adaptation of a best practices prevention program (Early Risers) that features a strategic peer affiliation and peer coping skills component designed to reduce aggression, bully problems, and victimization. The NIMH-funded study involved over 200 children from 5 elementary schools. Eleven conference presentations and one journal article have been produced from this project so far.

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