Tom Stone Carlson

Tom Stone Carlson

Tom Stone Carlson (Ph.D., Iowa State University)

Office Phone: 701-231-8279

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Core Area: Couple and Family Therapy and Family Science 

Dr. Tom Stone Carlson is the developer of a new approach to couples therapy called “Relational Accountability.” This unique approach to therapy seeks to help couples intimately apply the ethics of narrative therapy ideas in their personal lives and relationships. This intimate application of narrative ideas is focused on helping partners gain an appreciation for the shaping effects of their actions on one another’s stories of self and to engage in intentional relationship practices that nurture and positively shape their partners’ stories of self. During the past year, Dr. Stone Carlson was invited to present his work internationally in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Turkey.

Research Interests Include:  Trainee experiences and effectiveness of narrative pedagogy, Client experiences and outcomes of relational accountability approach to couples therapy, Evaluation of LGBT affirmative therapy competence among therapists, and Influence of spirituality of clinical practice and training.

Selected Publications on Narrative Therapy


Toward a Theory of Relational Accountability: An Invitational Approach to Living Narrative Ethics in Couple Relationships (2014)

Deconstructing Heterosexism: Becoming an LGB Affirmative Heterosexual Couple and Family Therapist (2011)

The Spiritualities of Therapists’ Lives (2008)

Honoring and Privileging Personal Experience and knowledge:  Ideas for a Narrative Approach to the Training and Supervision of New Therapists (2001)

Re-Authoring Spiritual Narratives:  God in Persons’ Relational Identity Stories (2000)

Recapturing the Person in the Therapist: An Exploration of Personal Values, Commitments, and Beliefs (1999)

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