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CFT Program Application

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You will be linked to the graduate school application procedure.  When selecting program, select: Couple and Family Therapy

Admission Preferences

 It is our preference that students applying to the Ph.D. program in CFT have:

  1. Completed a Master's degree in a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education
  2. Taken at least one course in statistics and one course in research methods with a minimum B average
  3. Completed an empirical Master's thesis

Application Requirements

  1. Completion of online application by January 1st.  The GRE is NOT required. 
  2. Statement of purpose  (see instructions below)
  3. Writing Sample  (see instructions below)
Instructions for Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose indicating reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree in Couple and Family Therapy at NDSU. Please provide specific information about your particular interests in the field and your experience and background preparation for the program. Mention any relevant skills or experience you have acquired. In addition, be sure to address the following, in 1000 words or less:

  1. Describe your professional goals and how our particular program will help you accomplish your professional goals.
  2. Describe your research background, interests, and experiences and how they fit with the current research emphases in the CFT faculty/program.
  3. Describe your professional, clinical, and research interests and experience and how they fit with the program's emphasis on social justice.
  4. Describe your clinical experience and preferred theoretical approaches working with individuals, couples, and families.
Instructions for Writing Sample

In order to help us better determine your writing abilities, we ask that you include a scholarly writing sample with your application. Your writing sample should be scholarly in nature and should represent work where you are the sole author. Examples of a scholarly writing sample could include a scholarly paper from a graduate course, a submission for publication, a proposal for a professional presentation, etc.

* Application Deadline:  January 1st  *


You will be linked to the graduate school application procedure.  When selecting program, select: Couple and Family Therapy

For More Information

Tom Stone Carlson, Ph.D., Professor and Program Coordinator

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