Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

NDSU Goal 1: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Respect

Goal: Create and maintain an open and collegial environment to promote inclusivity and diversity as a cornerstone of education, research, and outreach.

NDSU Goal 2: Student Success and Achievement

Sub-Goal #1: Effectively and efficiently deliver high quality/affordable education which can be completed by students in a timely fashion utilizing curricula considered to be at the forefront of the respective discipline.
Sub-Goal #2: Recruit and retain a high-quality student body.

NDSU Goal 3: Research and Creative Activity 

GOAL: To have the CHP recognized nationally and internationally for its research excellence in the advancement of health and wellness for the benefit of the state and our global society.

  • Sub-Goal #1: Increase the commitment of resources to support sustainable research growth with public impact.
  • Sub-Goal #2: Increase research and scholarship productivity within the College.
NDSU Goal 4: Education, Extension, and Outreach 
  • Sub-Goal #1: Health professions training, research, and service activities of the College support the needs of North Dakota. 
NDSU Goal 5: Resource Planning and Development 

GOAL: Support and enhance innovation and excellence through strategic investments in sustainable infrastructure.

  • Sub-Goal #1: Prioritize resources for institutional effectiveness based on strategic plan initiatives. 
  • Sub-Goal #2: Enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of our human resources.


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