Invest in the Future of Health Care

NDSU’s College of Health Professions set in motion a clear vision. We strive to better educate the next generation of health care professionals to meet the industry’s critical workforce needs throughout the region and beyond.

As NDSU 1977 pharmacy alumnus John Mortensen says, “If you’re thinking about donating, do it. You yourself will get the same satisfaction and pride that I have noticed. There’s a lot of places you can donate; there’s a lot of worthy causes, but there’s only one group of Bison.”

Dave Amundson, the 2019 College of Health Professions Distinguished Alumnus, calls his support of the College a mutual joint venture. The 1971 NDSU pharmacy graduate says philanthropy and gift-giving share something in common.

“You want that person to open up that gift that you got them because you know how spectacular, how wonderful, how extraordinary you’re going to feel when they open that gift and you see how appreciative they are of that,” says Amundson. “That, to me, is philanthropy. That you’re able to see that person shine in a whole different way because they were given an opportunity that they normally wouldn’t have. And I really feel good when I do that.”

The Presentation Sisters are strong supporters of providing nursing scholarships. “A scholarship is a wonderful thing to do and it is a generous thing for another person to do to give it to somebody that they do not know,” says Sr. Stella Olson. “It’s amazing the kind of relationships that are built because of the fact that a student has received a scholarship from you.”

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