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Frequently Asked Questions

Are We the First ND Campus to go Smoke-Free?

No. Actually to date there are 9 total smoke-free or tobacco-free campuses in North Dakota and they include:

Bismarck State College, Jamestown College, Mayville State University, Minot State University, Trinity Bible College, University of North Dakota, Valley City State University, Medcenter One College of Nursing, and Lake Region State College 

How should I explain the policy to guests coming to campus?

Entities bringing visitors to campus should inform them of Policy 153.  The wording below may be used in brochures or other invitations for off campus guests.

“In order to provide a clean and smoke free campus environment, all NDSU facilities are smoke free.  We appreciate your compliance with the policy. 

How should I confront someone who is smoking on campus?

We encourage individuals to respectfully and compassionately address those disregarding the policy in an educational manner.  Here is a suggested script as an example.  “Hi, my name is                          and I am a (student, employee) here at NDSU.  I’m not sure if you are aware, but NDSU is a smoke free campus.  I would really appreciate your help in keeping campus smoke free.  Thanks!” 

See video on "How to talk with a smoker"

Individuals who witness repeated policy violations in others may complete a complaint resolution form to report the behavior (enforcement section).

I am a supervisor of an employee who is violating the policy.  How should I confront my employee?

As with any other University policy, supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees follow the Smoke Free Facilities policy.  Supervisors should confront violations of the policy clearly and directly.  Failure to stop smoking after this request may be cause for disciplinary action.  Supervisors are encouraged to consult with Human Resources in addressing ongoing violations of policy.  See enforcement section.

Is smoking in my car okay?

No.  The policy prohibits smoking on NDSU grounds, if your car is on NDSU grounds, smoking is not allowed.  See boundaries section.

Does the policy apply to student housing?

Yes.  The policy applies to all areas of campus, including student housing, both residence halls and NDSU apartments.  See boundaries section.

Can I smoke on sidewalks and boulevards that run parallel to city streets (i.e. University Drive, 12th Ave.)?

No.  The policy applies to all grounds maintained by NDSU which includes all sidewalks and boulevards.  See boundaries section.

What is NDSU doing to help students and employees who want to quit using tobacco products?

 NDSU has several programs in place to assist students who want to quit smoking.  See (link to cessation section).  The state of North Dakota has programs in place to assist employees who want to quit smoking.  See cessation section.

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