College Faculty and Staff


ALLMARAS, Dawn, Academic Assistant, Nursing
ARMBRUST, Sydney, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice 
ANDERSON, Murphy, CIRE Vaccine Communications Project Manager, CIRE
ANDERSON, Natalie, Pharmacy CSR, Family Health Care


BACKES, Alyssa, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
BARNACLE, Mykell, Associate Professor of Practice, Nursing
BENNING, Kerri,  Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
BERG, Jamie, Academic Assistant, CHP Dean's Office
BERGER, Sara, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
BERGER, Tina, Business Coordinator, Nursing
BEYER, Laura, Lecturer - Simulation Tech, Nursing
BIBERDORF, Robert, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacy Practice
BLASEY, Anna, Lecturer, Nursing
BRASS, Doreen, Lecturer - Simulation Educator, Nursing
BRYNJULSON, Rebecca, Assistant Professor of Practice/IPPE Director, Pharmacy Practice
BUETTNER-SCHMIDT, Kelly, Professor, Nursing
BUISAN-CATEVILLA, Miguel, Staff Pharmacist, Family Health Care
BURKETT VETTER, Abigail, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 


CARSON, Paul, Professor of Practice, Public Health
CERNUSCA, Dan, Associate Professor of Practice/Instructional Designer, Pharmacy Practice
CHOI, Bong-Jin, Assistant Professor, Public Health
CHRISTIANSON, Merete, Health Sciences Librarian, Library
CORR, Kelly, Pharmacy Technician, Family Health Care


DANIELSON, Ramona, Assistant Professor, Public Health
DEWEY, Mark, Associate Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
DICKERSON, Jane, Experiential Assistant, Pharmacy Practice
DOBERVICH, Gretchen, PH Health Policy Manager, AI PH Resource Center
DRUMMOND, Amy, Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice
DYBSAND, Lauren, CIRE Immunization Education Project Manager, CIRE


EAGLE, Ryan, PH Research, Project Manager, AI PH Resource Center
ERICKSON, Stephanie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
ESLINGER, Melissa, Program and Communications Coordinator, CHP Dean's Office  
EUKEL, Heidi, Professor, Pharmacy Practice


FENELON, Linda, Administrative Assistant, Family Health Care
FETTIG, Ashlee, Assistant Professor of Practice/Simulation Manager, Nursing
FILLMORE, Natasha, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
FIX, Nathan, HIV/STI Outreach Coordinator, CIRE
FRENZEL, Jeanne, Professor, Pharmacy Practice
FRIESNER, Daniel, Professor/CHP Senior Associate Dean, Dean's Office
FRIESNER, Kelly, Academic Advisor, CHP Dean's Office  


GOMES, Roberto, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
GORES, Gail, Simulation Educator,  Nursing
GROOM, Amanda, Academic Advisor, Nursing
GROSS, Carla, Associate Dean of Nursing, Chair of Nursing (Fargo), Nursing
GROSS, Dean, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
Gunderson, Laura, Lecturer - Simulation Tech, Nursing
GUO, Ang, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


HAGEN, Jane, Academic Assistant, Nursing  
HALL, Kylie, CIRE Project Coordinator, CIRE
HALL, Susan, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
HANNESTAD, Kari, Academic Assistant, Nursing
HARRIGER, Shannon, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
HATZENBUHLER, Nicole, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
HAUG, Karla, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing  
HAWKINS, Diana, AIPHRC PH Education Project Manager, Public Health
HEUER, Loretta, Professor, Nursing  
HEUPEL, Tammy, Academic Advisor, Nursing
HOHMAN, Adam, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
HURSMAN, Allison, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
HUSETH-ZOSEL, Andrea, Associate Professor, Public Health


JANSEN, Rick, Associate Professor, Public Health
JARAJAPU, Yagna, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
JOHNSON, Jill, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
JOHNSON, Pamela Jo, Chair and Associate Professor, Public Health
JOHNSON, Pat, Academic Assistant, Nursing


KELLER, Annie, Student Services Specialist, Nursing
KELLER, Hollie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
KELLER, Stephanie, Part-time Academic, Nursing
KELSCH, Michael, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor, Dean's Office
KENZIE, Daniel, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
KETTERLING, Julie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing  
KISER-LARSON, Norma, Professor Emeritus, Nursing  
KNAPP, Caprice, Adjunct Associate Professor, Public Health
KOWALSKI, Diana, Library Associate, Pharmaceutical Sciences
KROM, Janet, Administrative Assistant, Pharmaceutical Sciences
KUNKEL, Charys, Director of Nursing (Bismarck)/Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
KVANVIG-BOHNSACK, Danielle, Project Manager, Nursing


LAAM, Leslie, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Health
LARSON, Mary, Associate Professor, Public Health
LAYEK, Buddhadev, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
LECLERC, Estelle, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
LEE, Betty, Staff Pharmacist, Family Health Care
LINNEMAN, Jessica, Part-time Academic, Nursing
LINSTER, Carolyn, CIRE Immunization Research Project Manager, CIRE
LIVERANI, Elisabetta, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
LOKKEN, Aleisha, Director of Student Affairs, Dean's Office
LUNDEEN, Tina, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 


MAACK, Brody, Vice Chair/Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
MACADAMS, Angela, Director, Allied Sciences
MARION, Madison, COVID-19 Seroprevalence Study Project Manager, CIRE
MALLIK, Sanku, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
MATHEW, Sijo, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
MCCLEARY, Rebecca, Business Manager, CHP Dean's Office
MCDANIEL, Becky, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
MEYER, Stefanie, Director of Accreditation and Assistant Professor of Practice, Public Health
MIKKELSEN, Heather, Pharmacy Technician, Family Health Care
MILLER, Don, Professor, Pharmacy Practice
MILLER, Tracy, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Health
MONSON, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
MONSON, Mimi, Administrative Assistant/COBRE, COBRE
MOONEY, Mary Margaret, Professor Emeritus, Nursing 
MUZZY WILLIAMSON, Julia, Associate Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice


NAUGHTON, Cynthia, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacy Practice
NELSON, Carrie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
NELSON, Sharon, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
NICHOLS, Amelia, CIRE Immunization Education (Peer to Peer) Project Manager,CIRE


OBRITSCH, Christie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
O'MEARA Stacey, Pharmacy Technician, Family Health Care
O'ROURKE, Stephen, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


PANKOW WIEBER, Emily, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
PELTIER, Allison, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
PETERSON, Charles, Professor and Dean, CHP Dean's Office
PETERSON, Leah, Pharmacy CSR, Family Health Care
PETRY, Natasha, Associate Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
PROCHNOW, LindsayPharmacy Technician, Family Health Care 
PYLE, Tyler, CIRE HIV/STI Outreach Coordinator, CIRE


REARDON, Melissa, MFP Project Manager, Public Health
RENNER, CarolCollege Marketing/Communication Lead, CHP Dean's Office
RICHTER, Lisa, Director of Experiential Outreach and Assessment/Associate Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice


SAARINEN, Heidi, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
SADOWSKY, Allison, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
SANDHURST, Holly, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
SCHAEFFER FRAASE, Kolby, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
SCHMIDKUNZ, Linnett, Library Associate, Nursing
SCHMITZ, Kaitlin, Lecturer, Nursing
SCHNELL, R. Craig, Emeritus, Pharmaceutical Sciences
SCHULTZ, Samantha, Part-time Academic, Nursing
SCOTT, David, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacy Practice
SIMON, Chris, Information Technology Specialist, CHP Dean's Office
SINGH, Jagdish, Professor & Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences
SKAFF, Angela, Finance and Research Manager, Public Health
SKOY, Elizabeth, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
SPEIDEL, Darcy, Pharmacy Technician, Family Health Care
STEEN, Debra, Pharmacy CSR, Family Health Care
STEIG, JAYME, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
STEFFEN, Kristine, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
STRAND, Mark, Professor, Pharmacy Practice
STROM, Trish, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
SUN, Chengwen, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
SWANSON, Kathleen, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
SWARTZ, Sarah, CIRE Vaccine Promotion Project Manager, CIRE


THOMPSON, Shila, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing 
TIBBITTS, Vanessa, AIPHRC Program Leader, AI PH Resource Center
TRAUTMANN, Jean, Academic Assistant, Pharmacy Practice
TURRUBIATES, Nancy, Lecturer/Public Health Clinical Coordinator, Nursing 


UNDEM, Teri, Director - Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience, Pharmacy Practice
UNTERSEHER, Lindsey, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing


VARRIANO, JoCustomer Service/RX Asst Coordinator, Family Health Care
VENKATACHALEM, Sathish, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
VETTER, Stefan, Research Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
VIETS, Joan, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
VIEWEG, Emily, Program Assistant, Public Health


WALD, Nicole, Staff Pharmacist, Family Health Care
WALSWICK, Angie, Academic Advisor/Lecturer, Allied Sciences
WEHBI, Nizar, Adjunct Associate Professor,Public Health
WEIGEL, Joanie, Assistant Professor of Practice, Nursing
WERREMEYER, Amy, Chair & Professor, Pharmacy Practice
WESTON, Kristi, Special Events Coordinator CHP Dean's Office
WILHELM, Ross, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice
WITT, LoriAssistant to the Dean, CHP Dean's Office
WOLF, Karlie, Lecturer, Nursing 
WOLF NELSON, Susan, Pharmacy Director, Family Health Care
WONDERLICH, Stephen, Adjunct Professor, Public Health


ZACHARIASON, Rachel, Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy Practice

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