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NDSU Academic Scholarship Application Program (ASAP) Information

Where to find links to apply for scholarships

How to apply

  • Sign in with NDSU user name and password
  • Once signed in, you can navigate through two tabs at the top; Applications and Opportunities
  • The Application tab takes you to the General Application which is only 10 questions. You can finish and submit or save and edit.  It is that easy!
    TIP:  Not all questions are required to complete but it is to your benefit to complete all of them. 
  • The Opportunities tab is where you can view the opportunities or scholarships available. 
    TIP:  Use the filter feature located on the right side of the screen to narrow down the number of opportunities.  You filter by "scope" or department.  Example: Department of Allied Sciences, Department of Public Health, School of Nursing Bismarck, School of Nursing Fargo and School of Pharmacy.
  • Clicking on a specific opportunity allows you to see a description, award amount in some cases, deadline and if additional information is required.
  • Additional information is available by watching the Online Scholarship Application Video Instructions on the One Stop scholarship page. 

I applied, now what?

ASAP will pull your personal information from the database such as financial need, GPA, hometown and major and "auto match" you to scholarships.  If you are recommended for scholarships that require more information you will receive notification you need to answer additional questions or submit an essay related to these "apply to" scholarships. 

TIP:  You are only considered for scholarships with a financial need component if you complete the FAFSA  

Important dates for application process

  • Scholarships specific to College of Health Professions -  Allied Sciences, MPH, Nursing-Fargo and Bismarck and Pharmacy open April 8, 2019, and close May 17, 2019.

NOTE:  You can complete the General application at any time throughout the academic year but you will need to go back in the ASAP system after April 9th to see the College of Health Profession specific scholarships.

Scholarship Notifications

Students selected for a scholarship will receive notification in July. The official notification with all the scholarship details and ceremony information will be sent in August to your NDSU email.

Requirements for Scholarship Recipients

  • Remain in good standing within the College of Health Professions
  • Complete a thank you note to the donor
  • Attend the September 12, 2019, scholarship ceremony (Exceptions can be granted for distance students or students on rotations outside of a reasonable driving distance.  Reasonable driving distance is usually considered to fall within about 250 miles of Fargo. Approval process will be outlined in your official notification email and is required to complete to receive an exception.)

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