Native American Professional Programs (NAPP)

To address the critical shortage of Native American pharmacists in the United States, the College initiated NAPP (then known as the Native American Pharmacy Program) in September 1987. The program was designed to recruit and facilitate the entry of Native American students into the College and provide them with counseling and retention services to increase their chances for academic success. In 2009, NAPP members transformed the program into a student organization and made it inclusive of all the majors within the College, thus changing the name from Native American Pharmacy Program to Native American Professional Programs. NAPP meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics related to the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree in pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, radiologic science or respiratory care at NDSU. Counseling and tutorial services for students, financial aid and scholarship information, and internship and future career opportunities also are presented.

NAPP Partners, Activities, and Services

  • Indian Health Services presentations on campus
  • NDSU Office of Multicultural Programs
  • Visit the White Earth Health Center in White Earth, Minn.
  • Fundraising activities
  • NAPP Resource Library
  • iPad Grant program
  • Volunteer and service activities
  • Woodlands and High Plains Tri-College Powwow
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