Gerritdina (Ineke) Justitz

Associate Professor Emerita

PhD 1996, University of California, San Diego

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Areas of interest and specialization: Social and Cultural History of the Reformation, Early Modern Germany, Women in Early Modern Europe, Memory and History. Recent Publications: "The Abbot and the Concubine: Piety and Politics in Sixteenth-Century Naumburg," Archive for Reformation History (2001); "Reforming Space, Reordering Reality: Naumburg's Herren Gasse in the 1540s, in The Sixteenth Century Journal (October, 2002). 

Dr. Justitz is the recipient of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences' Outstanding Service Award for 2005-2006

2005-present, Faculty advisor for NDSU chapter of <link index3.html>Phi Alpha Theta - the national honors society for historians.

Current Courses Taught
Western Civilization I
Women in European History 1400-1800
Renaissance and Reformation
The Eighteenth Century
Readings in European History
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