Angela J. Smith

Associate Professor

Public History Director

PhD 2011, Middle Tennessee State University


Telephone: 701-231-8827

422M Minard Hall

Areas of Interest and Specialization: Public History, Museum Studies, 20th Century American History, Digital History

Angela J. Smith, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of History at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota where she teaches public history, digital history, museum studies, and twentieth century American History. Originally from middle Tennessee, Dr. Smith spent 25 years working as a graphic designer and production technologist before returning to graduate school to earn her Ph.D. She brings the digital skills and aesthetic sensibilities learned in her previous career to an active and collaborative public history classroom. Since arriving at NDSU in January 2012 she has led three public history field schools to small towns in North Dakota, created four major local history exhibits, five local history documentaries, a walking tour, and an ever-evolving local history website called the Fargo History Project ( She is also the author of a biography of John Beecher, a radical twentieth century poet, entitled Here I Stand, the Life and Legacy of John Beecher. Her more recent research looks at the late nineteenth and early twentieth century sex trade in Fargo, North Dakota through the lens of a local African American madam, Melvina Massey. This research is profiled in the collected volume,  Historical Sex Work: New Contributions from History and Archaeology. where Smith is a contributor and editor. 

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Courses Taught:

History 104-U.S. History since 1877

History 251-Intro to Public History

History 252-Intro to Museum Studies  

History 404/604-Digital History

History 424/624-20th Century American History, 1917-1960

History 730-Readings in Public History

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