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Pheeraphong Jampee

Phee (Pheeraphong) Jampee is a Ph.D. Candidate. Phee is researching Colonial and Post-Colonial Southeast Asian history, particularly Indochinese refugees and women and Thai nationalism in the post-WWII period from 1945 until 1975. As a native speaker of Thai and its minority dialects, Phee has a personal connection with mainland southeast Asian history, in particular, the topics of nationalism and the creation of the Thai identity in the aftermath of the Second World War. Phee chose to be a graduate student at NDSU because he wanted to research deeper into Southeast Asian history and share his knowledge with other students and scholars. In Southeast Asian History, the expectations concerning nationalism, gender, and refugees in the twentieth century are endless, and that is what excites Phee most about his field. There are indeed plenty of sources that have been sitting in archives around the world untouched for many reasons, and that is what makes Phee excites most about his research.

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