North Dakota State University offers students a Philosophy curriculum which may be approached either as an interdisciplinary Philosophy minor or a Philosophy-humanities major or minor.

The Program

People have always wondered about the world in which they live and how to flourish. Whether it is about truth, knowledge, reality, beauty, or goodness, or about whether life has any meaning, people find questions to ask and try to answer. By means of dialogue, intuition, logic and critical thought, Philosophers have created pathways to wisdom and an understanding of the human condition that help us in our public and private lives to be better people living better lives.

The Faculty

Dennis Cooley
Anthony Flood
John Helgeland, Emeritus
Bradley Morris
Adam Taylor

Phi Sigma Tau / Philosophy Club

The Philosophy/Humanities Major or Minor

The Philosophy/Humanities major consists of 32 semester credits.

The Philosophy/Humanities minor consists of 21 semester credits.

The major and minor curriculum guides can be found here.

Independent Study
Independent study may be pursued by students wanting to read on a special Philosophical topic (e.g., aesthetics) or read the work of a particular Philosopher. To initiate independent study, students must contact a member of the faculty listed above.

Interdisciplinary Minor
The interdisciplinary minor consists of 21 semester credits. Of these, 15 credits must be taken from the core Philosophy courses and six credits selected from additional core, elective interdisciplinary or elective Philosophy courses. It is strongly suggested that the courses in categories I and II below be taken as prerequisites to other core courses.

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