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Program Fees

Program fees are used to support a stipend for the program director, adjunct teaching, and professional membership fees for the student, professional liability insurance for the student, criminal background checks for the student, software and equipment, selected clothing and other student initiated activities.  A $114 per credit per semester program fee will be assessed to students in the Master of Science (MS) Advanced Athletic Training degree. 

Additional expenses may include but not limited to: Annual Tuberculosis Test ($10 at Health Center); additional clothing ($ varies); and transportation ($ varies) pending GA position. 

Financial aid can be used to pay for program fees. Without program fees, students would be required to pay numerous course fees and pay for additional expenses (liability insurance, membership dues, etc.) out of their own pocket. Program fees were supported by students who have graduated from this program and allow us to maintain our program and to provide the student a quality education.

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Last Updated: Friday, August 12, 2016 3:12:08 PM
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