Faculty and Staff

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Department Head

Yeong Rhee, Ph.D., RD

Professor, Department Head
Phone: 701-231-7476
E-mail: Yeong.Rhee@ndsu.edu

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Robert Dirk

Academic Advisor
EML 270C
Phone: 701-231-9848
E-mail: Robert.A.Dirk@ndsu.edu

For more Academic Advising information, please access https://www.ndsu.edu/hse/academic_advising_center/ .


Athletic Training

Shannon David, Ph.D., ATC, LAT                                                                             

Associate Professor, Professional Athletic Training Program Director
Phone: 701-231-5686
E-mail: Shannon.David@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Patient-Clinician Relationship, Patient Oriented Outcomes


Kara GangePh.D., ATC, LAT

Associate Professor and Post-Professional MS in AT Program Director
Phone: 701-231-5777
E-mail: Kara.Gange@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Therapeutic Modalities and Diagnostic Ultrasound


Katie Lyman, Ph.D., ATC, LAT, NREMT, CKTI

Associate Professor
Phone: 701-231-8208
E-mail: Katie.Lyman@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Kinesio TapeĀ®, Affective Domains, and Emergency Medicine



Elizabeth Hilliard, Ph.D., RD

Associate Professor
Phone: 701-231-7480
E-mail: Elizabeth.Hilliard@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Dietetics


Kerrie HonrathM.S., RD

Lecturer, Dietetics/Didactic Program in Dietetics Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-5343
E-mail: Kerrie.Honrath@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Dietetics


Yeong Rhee, Ph.D., RD

Professor/Department Head
Phone: 701-231-7476
E-mail: Yeong.Rhee@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Nutrition, Chronic Disease Prevention


Ashley Roseno, Ph.D., RDN, LRD

Assistant Professor of Practice, Dietetics/Dietitian Education Program Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-7475
E-mail: Ashley.Roseno@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Dietetics


Sherri Nordstrom Stastny, Ph.D., RD, CSSD, LRD

Phone: 701-231-7479
E-mail: Sherri.Stastny@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Macronutrients for healthy aging


Exercise Sciences

Bryan ChristensenPh.D., CSCS

Phone: 701-231-6737
E-mail: Bryan.Christensen.1@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Biomechanics


Marty Douglas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Practice/Exercise Science Program Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-6385
E-mail: Marty.Douglas@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Adapted Physical Activity


Kyle Hackney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-6706
E-mail: Kyle.Hackney@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Skeletal Muscle Function, Aging, and Performance


Ryan McGrath, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Phone:  701-231-6043
E-mail:  Ryan.McGrath@ndsu.edu 
Area of Expertise:  Frailty and Aging, Physical Activity and Health for Persons with Disabilities, Disability Prevention


Nicklaus Redenius, M.S.

Phone:  701-231-8494
E-mail:  Nicklaus.Redenius@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise:  Health Promotion; Physical Activity Monitoring


Donna TerbizanPh.D.

Phone: 701-231-7792
E-mail: D.Terbizan@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Physiology of Exercise



Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., LRD, FAND

Professor and Extension Specialist
Phone: 701-231-7187
E-mail: Julie.Garden-Robinson@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Nutrition and Food Safety


Nikki Johnson, M.S., RD, LRD

Area Extension Specialist, Community Health and Nutrition
Phone: 701-231-5165
E-mail: Nikki.A.Johnson@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Community Health and Nutrition


Megan Ness Ditterick, M.S., RD, LRD

EFNEP/SNAP-Ed Coordinator and Extension Specialist
Phone: 701-231-6515
E-mail: Megan.Ditterick@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Food Science and Human Nutrition



Health Education/Physical Education

Joe Deutsch, Ph.D. 

Phone: 701-231-5687
E-mail: Joe.Deutsch@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Physical Education, Teacher Preparation



Jenny Linker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Physical Education and Health Education, Leadership in Physical Education and Sport

Phone: 701-231-8676
E-mail:  Jenny.Linker@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Physical Education, Teacher Preparation


Justin Pieterick, M.S.

Phone: 701-231-9613
E-mail: Justin.Pieterick@ndus.edu
Area of Expertise:  Health Education, Teacher Preparation


Bradford Strand, Ph.D.

Phone: 701-231-9718
E-mail: Bradford.Strand@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Physical Education, Teacher Preparation


Sport Management

Tyler Tracy, M.S.

Lecturer, Program Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-6372
E-mail: Tyler.Tracy@ndsu.edu
Area of Expertise: Sport Management


Support Staff

Judy Dubois

Administrative Secretary Extension Food & Nutrition
Phone: 701-231-8592
E-mail: Judy.Dubois@ndsu.edu


Susan Finneseth

Program Manager, EFNEP/FNP
Phone:  (701) 231-7254
E-mail: Susan.Finneseth@ndsu.edu


Tara Hoyme

Account Technician
Phone:  701-231-7491
E-mail:  Tara.Hoyme@ndsu.edu


Nancy Moberg

Academic Assistant 
Phone:  701-231-7474
E-mail:  Nancy.Moberg@ndsu.edu


Stacy Wang

Extension Associate
Phone: (701) 231-7486
E-mail: Stacy.Wang@ndsu.edu


Katie Wise

Administrative Secretary, 4H/Extension HNES
Phone: 701.231.7974
E-mail: Katie.Wise@ndsu.edu


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