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The online Leadership in Physical Education and Sport graduate option prepares physical education teachers and sport coaches who wish to extend their content, pedagogical, and leadership knowledge for improved professional practice in physical education and coaching settings. Course work is designed to prepare physical educators and coaches to be leaders of, and advocates for quality physical education and sport programs.  The program emphasizes academic excellence, the pursuit of knowledge, the development of critical and analytical abilities, and the application of theory into practice so students will assume positions of leadership within the profession.

The degree prepares students to be master teachers, head coaches, department heads, and activities directors at the interscholastic level; assistant coaches, lecturers, and assistant or lead directors at the intercollegiate level; and to become actively engaged in leadership roles within professional organizations.  In essence, this degree is designed for those individuals who wish to improve and expand their professional teaching and coaching skills, acquire self-assessment skills, and develop supervision and leadership competencies. 

The entire curriculum for this program will be presented on-line via distance learning. The on-line approach features course content presented in Blackboard as well as readings from selected textbooks and journals.  Additionally, BB Collaborate, chat room sessions, and e-mail discussions of current topics and issues will be used throughout the program. 

This mode of delivery provides students with the flexibility to complete course assignments and activities within their individual settings at a time when their job duties and responsibilities allow them to focus on the course work. 

The courses in this program have been specifically designed to inform teachers and coaches about best practices in contemporary teaching, coaching, and leadership. The underpinning philosophy requires that course assignments be mainly case study, project based, and relevant to practicing teachers and coaches in order that they can apply knowledge gained to their individual teaching or coaching settings or other appropriate contexts.  This does not mean that some courses will not have exams.  Most courses will use a project-based format where students read and discuss content online and then apply what they have learned in authentic action projects that are shared online with others.  Some courses require projects or field experiences related to observing, assessing, or teaching/coaching in K-12 or university settings. There is no required course sequence.  Each individual student’s program is developed in consultation with an assigned graduate advisor.  

Program Requirements

Admission requirements are as follows:

1. Cumulative baccalaureate GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale

2. Undergraduate degree in the field of Kinesiology (physical education, coaching, etc.)

  • A 3.0 is needed to be considered for full acceptance into the LPES program.  Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0 will be considered for conditional acceptance and will have to complete 9 graduate credit hours with grades of at least B to be considered for full standing. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee automatic acceptance.

Plan of Study (31 credits)
HNES 700 Research in Physical Education and Sport (3) - Summer every year
HNES 701 Leadership and Entrepreneurship (3) - Spring odd year
HNES 704 Psychological Foundation of Sport and Physical Activity (3) - Fall even year
HNES 705 Analysis of Sport Skill Instruction and Acquisition  (3) - Fall odd year
HNES 707 Sport in American Society (3) - Fall even year
HNES 711 Physical Education Curriculum (3) - Summer odd year
HNES 712 Supervision and Management  (3) - Spring even year
HNES 714 Legal Liability in HPER (3) - Spring odd year
HNES 731 Governance in Sport (3) - Spring even year
HNES 790 Seminar (3) - Every summer
HNES 794 Practicum (1) 

Other courses you might consider:
HNES 792 Graduate Teaching Experience (1-3)
HNES 793 Independent Study (1-3)
HNES 795 Field Experience (1-3)
HNES 797 Master's Paper (3)
HNES 798 Master's Thesis (6)
( All courses are restricted to students enrolled in the LPES degree option)

To Apply:  Please visit the NDSU Graduate School. On the bottom left hand side, under "student tools" click "apply online".  You will need to create an account and then follow the steps to apply.  *Enrollment in this degree is limited to 20 students.  The review of applicants will begin after April 1st and continue until all available slots are filled.  Students should indicate on their application if they desire to begin their course work during fall, spring or summer semester.


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