Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Master of Science in Sport Management (MSM) Dual Degree

To better prepare future sport managers in the business of sports, students have the option to complete both a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science in Sport Management (MSM) in an accelerated, dual degree program.  In partnership with the School of Business at NDSU, this program integrates courses from both programs and provides students with the business and sports management knowledge needed for a career in the competitive sports industry.  By participating in the dual degree program, students will be able to complete both degrees in just 50 credits. 

The program consists of a combination of core and elective courses from both the MBA and MSM curricula.  Students will complete the core courses of both programs (9 credits of MSM core courses, 16 credits of MBA core courses), 10 shared elective credits (see list below), and 15 free elective credits (4 from the MBA, and 11 from the MSM).

For the 10 shared elective credits, students must complete six credits of MSM course work chosen from the following:

  • HNES 625 Strategic Sport Marketing (3 credits)
  • HNES 644 Sport Finance (3 credits)
  • HNES 739 Sport Revenue Generation (3 credits)
  • HNES 769 Human Resource Management in Sport (3 credits)
  • HNES 771 Sport and the Media (3 credits)

Students must also complete 4 credits of business electives chosen from the following:

  • MBA 721 Creating and Marketing Innovations (2 credits)
  • MBA 722 Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence (2 credits)
  • MBA 723 Digital Marketing (2 credits)
  • MBA 724 Integrated Marketing Communications (2 credits)
  • MBA 731 Leading and Managing Teams (2 credits)
  • MBA 734 Negotiations (2 credits)
  • MBA 736 Managing Conflicts in Organizations (2 credits)
  • MBA 790 Integrative Tech. in Business from AI Application to Ethical Management (2 credits)

For more information about the MBA/MSM Dual Degree Program, contact Dr. Joel White (


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