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Our Facilities

Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse

Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse Photo

 The Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse (BBFH) Gymnasium can be configured into two basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and eight badminton courts. The BBFH has a prescribed booking/reservation system with prescribed times allocated to the stakeholders. BBFH may be booked/reserved outside prescribed times by contacting Colin Bailey via e-mail at or by calling (701) 231-6421.

Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is approximately 4,100 square feet and is equipped to meet existing teaching and research requirements. Equipment supporting Teaching and Research Programs include: five treadmills and four Monark bicycle-ergometers. There are several multichannel EKG's and two Medical Graphics Metabolic carts.  HPL is also equipped with plate-loaded machines, Olympic free weights (over 2500 lbs.), a counter-balanced Smith Machine, a power squat rack. Force platforms and Dartfish software are also available.

Athletic Training Research Center (ATRC)

The Athletic Training Research Center (ATRC) is located in Room 14 of the Bentson-Bunker Fieldhouse.  Its 600 square feet of lab space is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge primarily in the areas of thermal physiology and therapeutic modalities.  A 100 square foot environmental chamber is located adjacent to the ATRC and allows NDSU scientists to investigate the physiological effects of exercise in the heat.

In addition to standard laboratory equipment (e.g., beakers, graduated cylinders), the ATRC contains specialized equipment for the measurement of biological specimens including:

  •      an Eppendorf 5804R high speed refrigerated centrifuge
  •      Damon/IEC microcentrifuge
  •      Damon/IEC 2201 microhematocrit reader
  •      BioRad iMark 96-well spectrophotometer
  •      Atago SUR-NE refractometer
  •      Advanced Instruments single sample osmometer
  •      NOVA 16 electrolyte analyzer
  •      Fisher Scientific AB15 pH meter, and
  •      ThermoScientific 2846 circulating water bath

Biological specimens can be stored in the ATRC’s -80°C New Brunswick U570 freezer.  The ATRC also has three analytical balances for measuring mass: a Denver Instrument DA150, SI-2002, and TP-214. 

The ATRC has several devices for measuring body, skin, and tissue temperature.  Two YSI 4600 thermometers and 401 probes can be used to measure rectal or esophageal temperature.  Skin and tissue temperature can be measured using a 16-channel Isothermex unit.

Muscle activity can also be measured in the ATRC.  Two, wireless BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition systems (a 2-channel BioNomadix system and a 4-channel TEL100M-C) are housed in the ATRC to measure muscle action potentials.  Nerve and muscle stimulation studies can be performed using:

  •      a GRASS S88 dual output square pulse electrical stimulator with a stimulus isolation unit (SIU8T),
  •      a Digitimer DS7A constant current high voltage stimulator, or
  •      BIOPAC STMISOL voltage linear isolated stimulator.

Finally, the ATRC has two Solaris 808 Dynatron units and a Terason t3200 diagnostic ultrasound system capable of producing images with power and color Doppler.  Linear and curvilinear transducers allow the flexibility of imaging patients with frequencies between 2 and 15 MHz.

Nutrition/Dietetics Laboratories

EML Photo

The Nutrition Laboratory is located on the third floor of the Family Life Center and totals approximately 2,000 square feet of space. 

The Nutrition Laboratory is equipped with the following:

  • Centrifuge: Sorvall superspeed RC2-B Automatic Refrigerated Centrifuge, IEC Centra-8R Centrifuge, and Beckman Model L5-50 Ultra Centrifuge 
  • Waters HPLC and LC with data module, automated sampler, photodiode array detector, absorbance detector, and automated gradient controller 
  • LAB-Line L-C incubator and Thelco Precision Dual Chamber incubator 
  • Beckman DU-50 Spectrophotometer/Beckman Coulter LS 6500 liquid scintillation counter 
  • Boehringer Mannheim Reflotron 
  • Bio-Tek 96 well microplate reader/Bio-Tek 96 well microplate washer 
  • Precision all stainless water bath and VWR Scientific Products dual water bath 
  • Labconco laminar flow hood 
  • Image Data Analysis system 
  • Molecular Devices 96 channel cell harvester 
  • VWR Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator 

The Nutrition Assessment and Food Science Laboratory (NAFSL) is approximately 2000 square feet, also located on the third floor of the Family Life Center.  Dietary assessment, counseling sessions and anthropometric measurements are completed in the NAFSL. Sensory evaluations are conducted in the sensory evaluation booths, attached to the NAFSL.  Sensory evaluation measures the responses of people to products as perceived by their senses.  Today's dietetic and culinary professionals must be skilled and knowledgeable of over 50,000 foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and beverages.  HNES has a Food Science and Preparation Teaching Laboratory that includes six identical kitchens in one classroom setting.  Each of the six kitchens is equipped with modern equipment including practical ovens, mixers, knives, and are regarded as "high-end kitchens".  Students learn in groups, sharing space and resources in one of the six kitchens. 

The Food Production Management Laboratory is located on the third floor of the Family Life Center and is equipped with quantity cooking equipment.  After the students have completed training in the Food Science and preparation kitchens, their learning is further enhanced by training in facility catering.  The students essentially operate their own restaurant for an entire semester, serving food with fine linen and china.  The Food Production Management Laboratory also tests quantity recipes.  

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