Program Information

Health Education Program Information

Health Education Application Process and Forms

Each of the major programs offered in HNES have specific criteria for admission into the respective professional programs. 

Freshman - Pre-professional Status

All freshman entering any of the department majors are listed as having pre-professional status. During spring semester of the freshman year (for health education and physical education pre-professional)  students who desire to move into the professional program must complete and submit an application. Pre-professional students may not enroll in HNES restricted courses.

Professional Status

Students selected into the professional programs are listed as having professional status and are eligible to enroll in previously restricted courses.

Transfer Students

All transfer students (from other institutions or from other programs on campus) must complete a program application in order to be considered for professional status. Transfer students must be accepted into the professional program before they can enroll in HNES restricted courses. Transfer applications may be reviewed each semester. All transfer students should meet with Robert Dirk (HSE Academic Advisor) before applying to the program.  His contact information can be found here.

Course Restrictions

The following courses are restricted to Health Education professional status students: HNES 341, HNES 345, and HNES 445.

My Organization onĀ­ Blackboard

All students listed as pre-professional or professional status are placed in a degree specific My Organization on Blackboard. That Blackboard site provides additional program information including the program manual (which can also be found by clicking on this link), and application packet.

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