Sport Management Internships


The Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences at North Dakota State University requires that each Sport Management student complete a twelve (12) credit internship (HNES 485) to meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management.  The Internship is offered as a variable credit course with 43 hours counting towards one credit and a minimum of 516 hours to complete the required 12 credits.  The internship can be repeated at various sites/organizations and students must apply and register for each organization in which an internship is completed.

Sport Management students have the opportunity to complete the Internship in a sport setting/organization at the local, state, regional, national or international levels.  Students are required to seek a variety of administrative practices which play an integral role in the production of sport experiences or recreation programs.  Permission is required by a faculty advisory prior to registration. Please see the checklist and manual below for more information.

Registration Materials Required

  • Updated Cover Letter & Resume
  • Registration Form
  • Student Contract
  • Site Supervisor Agreement
  • Student Purpose & Goals
  • Insurance Acknowledgment
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act Understanding & Agreement
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