Administrative Period

Period that allows time for enrollment and disenrollment of employees in between the "standard measurement period" and the "stability period."

Monthly Measurement Period

  • Used to identify full-time employees on a month-by-month basis.
  • Will generally be used when hiring a new full-time employee until the employee has been employed for a full standard measurement period.

On-Going Employee

An employee who has been employed at least one full standard measurement period

Seasonal Employee

An employee who is hired into a position for which the customary annual employment is six months or less, for a designated season determined at hire, and does not work over 1,560 hours during the season.

Stability Period

Period during which health coverage will be provided for eligible employees regardless of actual hours worked during the stability period.

Standard Measurement Period

NDSU uses a 12-month look back period to count hours of service.

Variable Hour Employee

An employee, based on facts and circumstances at the employee's hire date, cannot be determined whether the employee is reasonably expected to be employed an average of at least 30 hours per week because the employee's hours are variable or otherwise uncertain.

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