General Guidelines

Make sure you are putting employees in the correct position and job code at the time of hire. The job code a position has will determine how hours are calculated and tracked for ACA

  • For example, a position in job code 222001 is a Graduate Teaching Assistant, which should mean the employee is teaching a class and therefore should use the calculation method outlined on page two of this document to determine appropriate standard hours and FTE.

All hours must be tracked for all employees, for all types of payments.

  • For example, even benefited employees receiving overloads, interim increases, DCE or summer payments must have hours assigned to them.

If you reasonably expect an employee to work 30 hours per week/130 hours per month, you must make offer of insurance at time of hire.

  • Notify Human Resources and Payroll to extend offer
  • Human Resources and Payroll will notify the department if the employee accepts or waives coverage
  • Employee portion of coverage is paid via payroll deduction, $47.03 per pay period for single plan
  • Employer portion of coverage paid via payroll deduction, $251.76 per pay period.

At time of hire, if you do not expect employee to work 30 hours per week/130 hours per month, or are unsure of hours, not required to make offer

  • Employee will be analyzed yearly during look back period to determine if offer needs to be made during open enrollment for upcoming calendar year


  • Lists employees who work for your department and other departments on campus

New State Employment Information form for ACA

  • Optional form departments can have new employees fill out to find out if they have other employment with any ND agencies or other NDUS campuses

New Cost of ACA Health Insurance calculator

  • Estimates department costs for employees who enroll in ACA insurance; to be used for budgeting

Current employees cannot be Contract for Services, must be paid through Human Resources and Payroll and must have hours tracked

  • Before offering a job or payment to an employee, must first find out how they must be paid and if that payment method is allowable. Do not have employee work first and then find out later how or if they can be paid

Calculating Hours Worked

  • Hourly employees (Student and Temporary 8000/9000): Actual hours worked entered each pay period
  • Residence Hall Assistants (8000): Actual hours worked tracked each pay period
  • Graduate Research Assistants (2210), Graduate Service Assistants (2215), Graders (222002/12) and Graduate Teaching Assistants (222003/04/13/14): Hours worked established and agreed at time of hire
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (222001/11): See below for calculation method
  • Part Time Academics (212501): See below for calculation method
  • Part Time Academics (212503): Hours worked established and agreed at time of hire

Calculation Methods for Grad Teaching Assistants/Doctoral Grad Teaching Assistants (222001 and 222011 job codes) and Part-time Academics (212501 job code):

  • Also use this calculation method when making Overload payments for courses taught, Interim Increase payments for courses taught, DCE or Summer School payments

Calculation Methods Table

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