Hot Topics

Pursuant to its mission of promoting NDSU's success particularly in the areas of employee development and education, the Office of Human Resources and Payroll regularly offers in-person "Hot Topics" sessions to help keep employees updated on institutional and system office policy, changes in state and federal law impacting HR/Payroll, recommendations for maintaining a productive workforce and other areas of related interest for NDSU employees.

While employees are welcomed and encouraged to take part in the face to face sessions, the reality of working in such a dynamic and geographically diverse campus is that not everyone is able to attend in person. The video resources on this page are provided as a resource for individuals interested in referencing these sessions on-demand.

If you have questions or suggestions for additional Hot Topics, please contact NDSU's HR/Payroll director, Colette Erickson.

August 2015 Hot Topics: Workplace Response to Domestic Violence

Bill Burns, Director of the NDSU Counseling Center and Greg Stone, Police Lieutenant with the NDSU University Police and Safety Office provide information regarding how to recognize signs of domestic violence, its impact on the workplace and appropriate response to coworkers who may be victims of domestic violence (Click link below, NDSU login required).

Access the Workplace Response to Domestic Violence Session Recording

July 2015 Hot Topics: NDUS Policy, State and Federal Law, Delta Airlines Discount

Colette Erickson, NDSU's Director of Human Resources and Payroll discusses significant changes to University System policy, state and federal laws including same-gender marriage benefits, FMLA and the Affordable Care Act as well as a system wide discount for personal travel on Delta Airlines.

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