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Search Committee Process

The formation of a search committee is an integral part of making effective hiring decisions. When forming or considering participation on a search committee, keep in mind the key committee responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings
  • Assist in determining the weighting of advertised minimum and preferred qualifications on the Screening Sheet
  • Screen and rank applicants
  • Assist in development of interview and reference questions
  • Make interviewees comfortable during interview process and promote NDSU
  • Assist in completing Interview Reports
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Assist in documentation of acceptable/non-acceptable candidates to forward to the Hiring Authority
  • Remember applicant materials are Open Records

Steps for Search Committee Participation

The following steps outline how a search committee conducts its search. These steps as well as the responsibilities above can also be found on the Search Committee Process document.

Step One: Online Employment System (OES):
  1. Sign in to the Department/Hiring Manager's Portal (you may need to create an account)
  2. Applicant materials will be available after the screening date
Step Two: Screening Sheet

  1. HR sends Draft Screening Sheet based on the advertised Minimum and Preferred Qualification for review, changes, and weighting of qualifications
  2. Determine # of points for each advertised qualification (minimum & preferred = 90 points)-Document reasons for variances in points
  3. Total points must equal 100

    • Veteran’s Preference: + 5 pts to qualified ND Veteran and + 5 pts to qualified ND Disabled Veteran
    • Contact HR to discuss next step-HR notifies not-selected ND/Disabled Veterans via certified mail

Step Three: Interview Process

  1. Applications are received in the Online Employment System and applicants are acknowledged by the System
  2. Create interview questions for each advertised qualification and submit to Human Resources for review prior to interviews Legal Pre-Employment Interview Questions  
    and sample interview questions at:
  3. Search Committee reviews and ranks applicant qualifications on Screening Sheet
  4. Send Screening Sheet to Human Resources for review
  5. (Applicant Reviewer)Request Interview Approval at
  6. Human Resources Approves Request for Interview
  7. Human Resources sends no thank you e-mails to applicants not selected for an interview
  8. Contact applicants for interviews

    • Thoughts: Consider phone interviews-Human Resources can Draft a Phone Interview Report
    • Do: Ask candidate if they need accommodations–If yes, contact Human Resources at 231-5677
    • Objectives: Applicant appropriateness for position

  9. Sell the applicant on the position
  10. Conduct interviews
  11. Contact references (pre or post interview)

    • Review Reference Checking Law/Resources and Reference Check Sample Questions
    • Contact at least 2 supervisors (current/previous), indicated on applicant’s Profile
    • Ask job specific questions
    • Ask all references the same questions

  12. Complete Part B of Interview Report for each candidate based on advertised qualifications and reference information determining not acceptable/marginal/acceptable candidates
  13. Forward Search File to Hiring Authority to determine final candidate and to complete the Online Hiring Process to include Criminal Background Check

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