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Summer Salary Guidelines

If a 9, 10 or 11 month faculty is being paid summer salary:
Change Form 101 is required. Please make sure you are using the most current version of the Change Form 101. 

  1. At the top of the form fill in the Employee Name, Empl ID and the Effective Date (the first day of the pay period for the first summer salary payment).
  2. In the “Remarks” section at the top, type “SUMMER SALARY, SEE 2ND PAGE”.
  3. In the "From" column, fill in their current position information, including dept/position/job code/title/compensation rate.
  4. At the bottom of the 2nd page in the "Other Earnings" section, check the "SUMMER SALARY" box.
  5. Fill in the Department Name, Description of Work, and Justification fields. 
  6. Fill in the number of credits and/or number of hours fields as applicable. This must be done even for benefited employees for ACA reporting. Failure to fill in these fields may result in delay in payment because the department will need to be contacted for this information.
  7. In the Combo Code section, type in the applicable Fund, Dept, Project, Program and Account information.
  8. In the "$ Amount" column, type the amount the employee will get each pay period and select the "per pay period" payment option from the drop down box.
  9. Enter the beginning date and ending date for the summer salary payment.
  10. Enter any applicable remarks in the Additional Comments section.
  11. Route for signatures. Summer salary forms need to be signed by Department Head, Dean, VP (if applicable), Provost and Budget/Ag Budget Offices before arriving in Human Resources and Payroll to be entered.

Tips to Remember:

  • Please do not hold or delay payments to employees while waiting for grants to be approved, class sizes to adjust, or even if the employee requests it. Payment for work must be made as the work is being done, it should never be delayed for any reason.
  • All summer salary and summer school payments to benefited employees are subject to retirement contributions, regardless of funding source. Please keep this in mind and budget accordingly for the additional amounts.
  • All summer salary and summer school payments to benefited employees need to have correct hours and/or credits reflected for ACA purposes. Leaving the hours/credits fields blank on Change Form 101, page 2 in Other Earnings may result in delays with processing because departments will need to be contacted for this information before the form is entered.
  • If the summer salary payment increases or decreases at any point during the summer, or the funding on the summer salary payment changes after it has been submitted, please contact Tricia Johnson in the Human Resources and Payroll office to coordinate that process. Tricia's email is and phone number is 701.231.8990.

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