Timeslip Staffing

To maintain compliance with NDSU Policy 101.2.2, hiring managers and administrative staff must ensure that temporary employees' position duration and hours worked meet certain criteria.

Temporary Employee Options
  • intermittent
  • limited duration not to exceed one year
  • a seasonal position
  • less than 20 hours per week
  • or 20 hours or more per week for less than 20 weeks per year
Your options PRIOR to hiring
  • Seasonal:  Works less than 6 months per year during an institutionally designated "season," such as the agricultural growing season. A seasonal employee must be terminated at the end of the institutionally recognized season with a start and end date, but may be rehired for a future season although there is no guarantee of re-employment. Need prior approval from Human Resources and Payroll. Please submit request to ndsu.hr@ndsu.edu.
  • 1-year appointment:  Hired into a position (potential employee knows prior to hire) that has a start and end date (taken off of payroll). Position/employee cannot be continued after that date. Need prior approval from Human Resources and Payroll, benefited or non-benefited.
  • Hire a timeslip/seasonal position following a structured recruitment process through Human Resources and Payroll: Advertise with a statement indicating the possibility of the position becoming a benefited full-time position in the future. Follow the recruitment process: Request to Recruit, advertise for 10 working days, structured interview process, etc.
  • Determine the less than 20 weeks the employee/position needs to work 20 or more hours per week in a rolling calendar year.
Your employee has worked longer than policy allows:
  • Terminate the employee
  • Create a benefited position and conduct a search
Resources for Hiring Temporary/Seasonal Employees

Seasonal/Part-Time Employment Application

Temporary/Student Onboarding Process/Checklist

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