Employee Assistance Program

NDSU pays the premium to provide counseling services to employees and their household members through The Village EAP.

The Village EAP

*Use the username VillageEAP to access the resources on this site.

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EAP Benefit Summary

The Village EAP is a confidential, independent counseling program that offers professional guidance in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Relationship issues - (marriage counseling, family counseling, parent/child counseling, etc.)
  • Emotional health issues - (stress, anxiety, depression, grief, etc.)
  • Drug and alcohol issues - (assessments, evaluation and prevention education) *this does not include treatment*
  • Workplace issues - (sexual harassment, dealing with difficult people, handling conflict, changes, job stress)
  • Crisis counseling - talk to a counselor 24/7
  • Financial issues - (budget counseling, debt management, retirement planning, financial coaching)
  • Legal issues - family issues (divorce, wills, custody) and civil law (housing, harassment, motor vehicle)
  • Education classes - Educational classes- Parenting classes, Mind over Mood, First Time Homebuyers, Children of Divorce, Etc.

Services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, with nationwide accessibility.

There is no cost to your household.

The number of sessions available to a covered individual's household is equal to the number of household members (x) 4. As an example, a household with five (5) members would have access to a maximum of 20 sessions (5 members X 4/member = 20 sessions) per 12-month period run on the fiscal year. Any number of those sessions can be used by any member of the household up to the total number. There is a minimum of 8 sessions per household.

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