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Health Insurance and Wellness Program

Health insurance premiums are paid by NDSU for either an individual or family plan.  The effective date for new employees is the first of the month following their date of employment.   The insurance is underwritten by Sanford Health Plan.  State employees in North Dakota will not be issued dual policies for the same family.

Questions related to who is eligible to be covered under your family health insurance plan should be directed to NDPERS at 800-803-7377.

Sanford Health Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

*NDSU offers employees the choice of two health plan options.

Plan 1: Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

Plan 1 Cost-Sharing Amounts



Preferred Provider
Organization (PPO)

Physician Services:
     Office Visits - per visit
     Emergency Room Visits



Deductible for Nonphysician Services



Deductible and Coinsurance Maximum
     Individual Policy
     Family Policy



Please refer to Sanford Health Plan Certificate of Coverage for plan details.

Prescription Medications

Plan 1 provides discounts for prescription medications (except birth control pills).  You pay the copayment and coinsurance as indicated below.  If you must pay full price, you may be reimbursed accordingly by contacting Sanford Health Plan.

Generic Name          

$5 plus 15% of balance as coinsurance

Brand Name

$20 plus 25% of balance as coinsurance


$25 plus 50% of balance as coinsurance

Prescription Drug Coinsurance Maximum

$1,000 per member per benefit period. When the prescription drug coinsurance maximum amount has been met, copayment amounts will continue to apply, and formulary drugs will be covered at 100% of the allowed charge for the remainder of the benefit period.  Copayment amounts and nonformulary coinsurance amounts do not apply to this coinsurance maximum.


Plan 2: High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Account

As its name implies, the HDHP/HSA option has higher annual deductibles and larger out-of-pocket costs for medical services and prescription medications.  However, the higher initial out-of-pocket costs are partially offset by an employer contribution to an HSA created in your name.  The NDPERS HDHP/HSA has a cap on how much you will pay out-of-pocket during a year, and covers preventive services (as designated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)) with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

The HSA helps cover medical expenses until your annual deductible and copayment are met. Money in your HSA will not be available until after it is contributed by NDPERS.  They will contribute to your HSA for each month you participate as follows:

Single$  69.94$   839.28
Family$ 169.24$ 2030.88

The Health Savings Account will be administered by Discovery Benefits.  Money in the HSA can be rolled over from year to year.  This account is tied to the employee and would go with the employee if they were to separate from employment. 

Plan 2 Cost-Sharing Amounts


Prefered Provider
Organization (PPO)
Single Plan
      Coinsurance max
      Out-of-pocket max


Family Plan
      Coinsurance max
      Out-of-pocket max


Prescription Medications

On the HDHP, prescriptions costs are paid in full by the member until the deductible amount is met.  After the deductible has been met, amounts are a percentage of the allowed charge as indicated below.

 Before out of pocket  
max is met
 After out of pocket  
max is met

*Please note that you may not enroll in a medical spending account through NDSU’s flex program if you elect to enroll in the HDHP with the HSA.   Employees that elect to enroll in the HDHP are still eligible to participate in the dependent care spending account through the flex program.

Wellness Program

Both health plan options include the opportunity to participate in the Dakota Wellness Program.

Employees are provided the opportunity to earn up to $250 per year for both the employee and their participating spouse using the health club reimbursement program, the points system or a combination of both programs. Health club option includes a $20 per month health club reimbursement for both employees and spouse if they exercise at a NIHCA (National Independent Health Club Association) affiliated health club 12 or more days out of the month. The Dakota Wellness Program site allows employees and their covered spouse to register online and earn points for health and wellness activities that may be redeemed for incentives and prizes.

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